Criss Waddle reveals the real source of his wealth and secret


Criss Waddle finally reveals the real source of his wealth and secret to his success.

Recently, rapper Criss Waddle said he has not been addressing rumours about him being a fraud boy for personal reasons. He noted he has not been doing so because he feels the truth would eventually come out.

However, in a more recent interview, Criss Waddle revealed his source of wealth. He debunked being a ‘sakawa boy’ nor a drug dealer, stating the real source of his money.

Thus, Criss Waddle revealed he hustled to make some money and invested it into real estate and the importation of goods.
Drug was never part of what I was doing on the street and after making good money on the street I decided to invest in real estate and importation so that’s what I do,” he said.

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Moreover, he also revealed the secret behind his success. He said he learnt from people’s mistakes and mentors and also listened to peers who had great ideas but no funding.

I watch people make mistakes and learn from them and on social media, I learn from those who have achieved from real estate and importations and also have age-mates who have ideas but don’t have money so I listened to them a lot,” Criss Waddle added.

Meanwhile, Criss Waddle was speaking in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje on Angel FM. They were discussing his other sources of wealth aside from music.

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