Hajia Bintu finally talks about her relationship with Shatta Wale


Hajia Bintu finally talks about her relationship with Shatta Wale, dispels rumours.

Popular Ghanaian TikToker, Hajia Bintu finally talks about the relationship between her and Shatta Wale. Many Ghanaians have been speculating a lot about the two, but she now addresses it all.

Hajia Bintu rose to fame with TikTok videos showcasing her well-endowed backside. In the early days of her social media trend, Shatta Wale made a song about her. Yes, you all know the Hajia Bintu song, right?

The musical project that was a win-win for both parties turned out to spell doom for the TikToker. That is because people began to peddle all sorts of rumours about her. The rumours were so derogatory it suggested Hajia Bintu was used and dumped by Shatta Wale.

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However, Hajia Bintu has finally cleared the air regarding her relationship with Shatta Wale. She reveals she has never had any amorous relationship with him. Thus, what happened between them was strictly business. After the project, she can’t even recall the last time she met him in person.

Besides, their music video shoot lasted only 3 days and Shatta Wale respected her so much throughout the period. So, they never got intimate as being speculated.

Moreover, Hajia Bintu said Shatta Wale is only a godfather. She deems him so because he helped her career grow with his Hajia Bintu song. She was speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz.

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Watch the video below:

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