Nana Aba made Father’s Day nonsense – Bridget Otoo


Nana Aba made Father’s Day nonsense – Bridget Otoo

Today is the birthday of ace broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah. Her birthday photos with birthday wishes have been flooding social media since morning.

Moreover, according to posts she made on her social media handles, she has also been trending on Twitter. She posted a WhatsApp chat from her good friend, Bridget Otoo in which she made some really interesting pronouncements.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Thus, Bright Otoo sent Nana Aba screenshots of her birthday trending locally and globally. She went on to say that Nana Aba has even made nonsense of the Father’s Day celebration today.

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In other words, Nana Aba’s birthday has even overshadowed the Father’s Day celebration today. Read Bridget Otoo’s statement in the chat below:
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