Patapaa’s father is more handsome than him – Netizens


Patapaa’s father is more handsome than him – Netizens react to photos.

‘One corner’ hitmaker, Patapaa posted his father today on his social media handles. He was wishing him a happy father’s day. However, this turned out to be a perfect opportunity for netizens to compare and judge the source of Patapaa’s looks.

According to these netizens, after doing all the necessary assessments, they found out Patapaa’s father is more handsome than him. This, they say confirms Patapaa did not take after his father in terms of looks.

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Moreover, it also partially confirms that Patapaa got his beauty genes from his mother. He got his looks from his mother, that is why he looks the way he is now.

Check out Patapaa’s post below and read the comment to find details of this comparison.
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