Michy reveals Shatta Wale is not Majesty’s father, she is


Michy reveals Shatta Wale is not Majesty’s father, she is his(Majesty’s) responsible father.

Shatta Wale and Michy used to be a perfect celebrity couple. At least, that’s what they made us believe. Thus, until they broke up following alleged violence and abuse in their relationship. And of course, you obviously don’t need to be told who was abusing who, lol.

Following their break-up, they seemed to have reached an agreement regarding the care of their son, Majesty. However, as time went by things took different turns as Shatta Wale began neglecting his son’s responsibility.

“Shatta Wale is no more present in Majesty’s life, he has withdrawn from being his father” Michy revealed in an interview.

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Therefore, maybe it is now safe to say Shatta Wale is not Majesty’s dad anymore. That is why Michy celebrated herself yesterday during the Father’s day celebration.

Moreover, Michy noted she is Majesty’s only responsible father now in her Father’s day post on Snapchat. Check out her below:

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