Afia Schwarzenegger threatens TV3’s CEO, Beatrice Agyemang


Afia Schwarzenegger threatens TV3’s CEO, Beatrice Agyemang

Why in the world would Afia Schwarzenegger warn Beatrice Agyeman, CEO of Media General. Well, the queen of controversies just did and here are her reasons.

Afia Schwarzenegger claims Beatrice Agyeman has been attacking her ever since she turned her down. She says the CEO begged to poach her from TV Africa to Onua TV and FM, but she refused.

However, according to Afia Schwarzenegger, from then she allowed her image to be tarnished on Onua TV. This, she alleges was because she turned down Beatrice Agyeman’s poaching offer.

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Therefore, Afia Schwarzenegger warned Beatrice Agyeman threatening to expose her secrets. She claims just like everyone else, Beatrice Agyeman has skeletons in her closet. If they don’t stop peddling the falsehoods about her, then she would reveal the CEO’s deepest secrets.
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