Sarkodie finally shares his encounter with Beyonce


Sarkodie finally shares his encounter with Beyonce

Ghana’s first BET Award winner, Sarkodie had an encounter with Beyonce some time back. However, he did not want to talk about it because he felt Ghanaians would not believe it.

Well, not until Ice Prince came to Ghana and spilt all the beans. This made Sarkodie finally share his encounter with Beyonce. He was with Ice Prince at the time, so that is why he could attest to it.

I went to Jay-Z’s office to sell myself, but they sold me – Sarkodie reveals

Sarkodie was seated at the BET Awards night when Beyonce came and bowed to him. Beyonce was greeting Sarkodie but he could not believe it was him she was greeting. It took Ice Prince’s word for Sarkodie to believe it because Ice Prince saw everything that happened.

Therefore, it is safe to say Beyonce knew Sarkodie way back from his BET days. Besides, when Sarkodie visited Jay-Z’s office years afterwards, he had a similar encounter.

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