Akwaboah reveals how Sarkodie gave huge cash to hawker


Akwaboah reveals how Sarkodie gave huge cash to hawker.

In an interview last week, Sarkodie said he does not throw money at fans on camera because he feels it’s disrespectful to them. He said this in connection with the stingy tag on him.

Following this, last Saturday’s edition of United Showbiz discussed the issue of Sarkodie being tagged as stingy. As the panel dissected the issue, Akwaboah shared his personal encounter with the rapper.

Akwaboah said from his personal experience with Sarkodie, he is a very generous person, a cheerful giver. He cited one of the several occasions in which he witnessed Sarkodie’s benevolence.

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Thus, he was in Sarkodie’s car when a hawker(sachet water seller) came to them. Sarkodie asked him whether he believes God can change his(hawker) current situation? When the pure water seller said yes, Sarkodie gave him a bundle of ¢50 notes and asked him to share the rest of his water for free.

Moreover, this is one of the many ways the BET award winner chose to be generous. Thus, Sarkodie chooses to keep his generosity private, that’s why he doesn’t throw money when cameras are on him.

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