Chairman Wontumi reveals why he chose Delay over Afia Schwarzenegger


Chairman Wontumi reveals why he chose Delay over Afia Schwarzenegger

Chairman Wontumi used to be good friends with Afia Schwarzenegger. He even gave her thousands of cedis at her dad’s funeral earlier this year.

That is why people wonder why he chose not to employ Afia Schwarzenegger, but Delay at his Wontumi FM. This, people believe is the real cause of Afia Schwarzenegger’s reignited feud with Delay.

It even escalated into a bigger fight between Afia Schwarzenegger and Chairman Wontumi. In the midst of this, Afia Schwarzenegger was sued by Chairman Wontumi.

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Nonetheless, Chairman Wontumi finally reveals why he chose Delay over Afia Schwarzenegger. He was speaking at the second birthday party he threw for Delay.

Chairman Wontumi detailed what went into the selection. He disclosed that he chose Delay because she was the best among his alternatives.

Thus, Afia Schwarzenegger is nothing compared to Delay, though said impliedly. You can’t compare Akosombo dam(Delay) to Bui dam(Afia Schwarzenegger), he said.
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