Abeiku Santana disses Akufo-Addo over IMF bailout


Abeiku Santana disses Akufo-Addo over IMF bailout

Top celebrated broadcaster, Abeiku Santana takes swipes at Akufo-Addo over IMF bailout. Prior to this, he said Akufo-Addo is facing the wrath of karma, the reason for his government’s woes.

On today’s edition of his drive-time show, he announced he was going to play diss songs. True to his words, Abeiku Santana played diss songs directed at the President. Thus, he used the diss songs to throw shades at Akufo-Addo for going back to the IMF after slurring John Mahama.

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“The diss songs are for all those who said Ghana would not go to the IMF but are now running to IMF for a bailout,” Abeiku Santana said.

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