Juju men use human blood or bury 6 red cows for hit songs – Mr. Logic


Juju men use human blood or bury 6 red cows for hit songs – Mr Logic reveals

There have been speculations about how artists use juju to get hit songs. Though there is no clear instance of this, the perception is widespread.

However, an industry player now details what it takes to get a hit song using juju. Thus, Mr Logic reveals artistes need human blood or have to bury 6 red cows alive to get a hit song. These are what the juju men require to get them a hit song.

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Moreover, he noted that it is no child’s play when they say someone is using juju to get a hit song. Nonetheless, he admitted artistes can also get hit songs by just writing good songs, but he attributed that to luck.

Meanwhile, Mr Logic was speaking in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM. Watch it below:

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