Ghanaian actors tour Jackie Appiah’s mansion


Ghanaian actors tour Jackie Appiah’s mansion, she made them proud.

Jackie Appiah is the most celebrated Ghanaian actress arguably. The recent video of her huge mansion also proves she is one of the richest actors if not the richest.

Though many Ghanaians have varied opinions on the ability of the actress to afford all that luxury, her colleagues eulogize her. A group of Ghanaian actors, actresses, and directors visited Jackie Appiah’s mansion.

Roselyn Ngissah, Mr. Beautiful, Benjamin Sarpong(Famous De Legend), Samira Yakubu, among others toured the mansion. They went around the nooks and crannies of the mansion to witness all the luxuries Jackie Appiah is enjoying.

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Moreover, proud of Jackie Appiah’s immense achievements, they prayed she achieve more in the years ahead. “Jackie Appiah has really made all Ghanaians actors proud,” one said.
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