Delay blasts King Promise over his senseless prodigality


Delay blasts King Promise over his senseless prodigality

Talented Ghanaian vocalist, King Promise faces the wrath of Delay. He was busy bragging about the expensive things he wears when she shocked him to the bone.

In a recent interview with Delay, King Promise admitted to buying shoes worth over $1700. He further went on to boast that he has bought other things even more expensive than that. He said his customized wristwatch costs $30,000. Those amongst others are the most expensive things he has ever bought.

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Moreover, King Promise proudly admitted the expensive clothes and accessories he mentioned are worth an estimated $50,000. That was when Delay drew his attention to his prodigality, his senseless extravagance.

She reminded him of the fact that at his age, he does have a house of his own. Thus, King Promise lives in a rented house as he goes about wasting money on such luxuries. Instead of finding himself a decent place himself, why does he waste money on such things, she asked.

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Meanwhile, Delay gave us a sneak peek into the interview she had with King Promise on The Delay Show. The full interview drops tonight.
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