EC disqualifies all KNUST Obuasi SRC President aspirants


EC disqualifies all KNUST Obuasi SRC President aspirants, and Financial Secretary aspirant.

A large faction of the student populace of the KNUST Obuasi campus is currently shocked to death by this interesting development. This is most probably because nothing of such kind has ever been witnessed on the campus.

Thus, all KNUST Obuasi SRC President aspirants were disqualified from contesting in the fast-approaching election. The list of four aspirants including a Financial Secretary aspirant were disqualified for not meeting the SRC constitutional requirements.

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The SRC president aspirants, Abban Stephen, Ohemeng Gyekye Martin, and Awartey Samuel had resignation lapses of either themselves or their running mates. The Financial Secretary aspirant, Abubakar Tamiebu Manaf also fell victim to the same offense.

Meanwhile, the list included the immediate past SRC President, Abban Stephen whom many thought would know better. The KNUST Obuasi SRC Electoral Commission released a letter to that last night.

Read the letter below for more details:

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