MOG wins KNUST Obuasi SRC President elections


MOG wins KNUST Obuasi SRC President elections

He was the last to declare his intention to run for the SRC presidency. Others say he only came up as a substantive substitute following the pullout of Joshua Ntim- Gyimah, the former SRC President.

All said and done, Martin Ohemeng Gyekye affectionately called MOG wins the KNUST Obuasi SRC presidency elections. He emerged the winner of the stiffly competitive elections following a massive campaign drive.

Though his opponents brought just as much energy into the race, he still stood tall regardless. The SRC President-elect’s keen competitors were the immediate past SRC President, Abban Stephen and Samuel Awartey.

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WATCH: Up-close with Martin Ohemeng Gyekye.

Moreover, Martin Ohemeng Gyekye amassed a whopping 57.45 percent of the total vote cast. This makes him the SRC President winner with the highest total votes in the campus’s history.

Meanwhile, the election also witnessed the highest voter turnout, making it probably the biggest election since the inception of the campus.
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