KNUST’s decision is harsh, review it – TEIN-KNUST Obuasi president writes


KNUST’s decision is harsh, review it – TEIN-KNUST Obuasi president writes

The President of the KNUST Obuasi chapter of the Tertiary Education Institution Network(TEIN) of NDC, Justice Hanu Dzidula writes. He writes in reaction to the recent action taken by the KNUST Management following the recent disturbances on the Kumasi campus.

The disturbances which emanated from the Hall week celebration of the University Hall led to the destruction of properties and injuries to students. In view of this, the school’s management decided to abolish the Junior Common Room(JCR) system of hall management by students. It also went further to indefinitely suspend Hall Week and SRC Week celebrations.

Moreover, culprits in the recent disturbances would be dealt with per the University’s rules and handed over to the police where necessary.

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That is why Justice Hanu Dzidula felt the need to share his opinion on the development. According to him, the position taken by the school’s management fell short of all-important considerations. He, therefore, called for a review of the decision.

Read Justice Hanu Dzidula’s statement below:

“Though there is an urgent need for intervention to stop Hooliganism on the university campuses, I’m of the opinion that this resolution by KNUST Governing Council is too draconian.
The abolishment of the JCR system of student Management is very misplaced, I believe.

It has a tendency of stifling the potential of students who may use such leadership opportunities to harness their political ambitions.

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Portions of the resolution also seem to be inconsistent with some provisions in the 1992 constitution of this Republic.

Discipline is needed on campus, but the University Council of KNUST should be somewhat considerate. Perhaps they feel too motherly and made the decisions pragmatically and emotionally. Like several others, I believe that this is a harsh decision and should be reviewed.”
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