Tilakou’s La Tohme album, an inspiration to spur change


Tilakou’s La Tohme album, an inspiration to spur change in his society.

Society is where everyone comes from. When you look back at the one you came from, the least you do is spur a change by lighting a ray of hope. This was exactly what rapper, Tilakou did with his La Tohme album.

Apparently his maiden album, the rap talent was inspired by his humble beginnings in an underprivileged society. He sought to make his talent a voice of hope as he shared his inspiring story via his music and creatively exhibiting his culture and tradition.

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Tilakou’s mission was made possible by the tireless efforts of his team. They aided the production, compilation, and release of the album. The likes of Avinash, Razak aka Zion, Abangna Norbert, Faisal, Surutu Marmen, Snr Ebi, and Snr Eric Ayine just to mention a few were instrumental in all these.

Tilakou’s La Tohme was released on 22nd October, 2016. The project’s production credit goes to Bestbeatz aka LilJohn, Azkonna, and Massive Mix.

Stream La Tohme via the link below:

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