Davido finally confirms wedding with Chioma, CHIVIDO2023


Davido finally confirms wedding with Chioma, CHIVIDO2023

Davido gave Chioma Assurance of their wedding in 2019 following the birth of their son. They even went ahead to get engaged almost right away.

Afterward, there was reportedly a fall out between the two for unconfirmed reasons. This was, however, evident because the couple were no more seen together. They actually maintained just a cordial relationship for their son’s sake.

Nonetheless, three years after the said Assurance became unassured, Davido and Chioma are back together. They were recently spotted at various locations looking very loved up. Back like nothing wrong ever happened in their relationship, the two are said to be getting married soon.

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This was revealed by UK-Based Nigerian pastor, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega via a video on his Instagram story. Pastor Tobi called Chioma “our wife, our real wife” in the video, and Davido confirmed it saying, “100%, going down 2023.”

You can be out for this wedding between Davido and Chioma next year. The Assurance has been reassured just that this time around, the much-anticipated celebrity wedding is dubbed CHIVIDO 2023.

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