Men sucking breast does not prevent breast cancer – Medical expert warns


Men sucking breast does not prevent breast cancer – Medical expert warns

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and as we are in October, it kickstarted early in the month. During this period, there are always various campaigns for awareness creation. The campaigns are usually centered on self-examination for early detection and treatment amongst others.

However, one interesting campaign that usually makes rounds on social media is that of men sucking breasts. The campaign entreats men to suck the breast of their partners to prevent them from getting breast cancer or at the very least reduce their chances of getting it.

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The popular campaign is the most exciting part of the awareness month for men since they get to suck breasts. However, contrary to the widespread campaign, it has been revealed that men sucking breasts does not prevent breast cancer.

According to medical experts, the popular saying is just a myth, scientific research proves otherwise. The only breast-sucking proven to prevent breast cancer is breastfeeding. The sucking reflex of breastfeeding children is what is known to prevent breast cancer.

Breast care Nurse at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Auntie Jemima confirmed these in a recent interview on Joy Prime. It is therefore advisable for non-lactating women to rather take other preventive measures.

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Watch the interview below:

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