Shatta Wale reveals the secret behind Black Sherif’s success


Shatta Wale reveals the secret behind Black Sherif’s success

Black Sherif is arguably the current hottest Ghanaian musical act. He recently got a BET Hip Hop Awards nomination and his debut album, ‘The Villain I Never Was’ is chart-topping.

It is in view of these and more Shatta Wale disclosed what accounted for Black Sherif’s success. According to Shatta Wale, Black Sherif is doing well in his music career only because he is signed onto a record label. Thus, international record labels help to promote his music globally.

“We should know that there are labels that are boosting every artiste in the world professionally, but me, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, everybody in Ghana hasn’t got that touch of life for us to live like an artiste. But we are trying for ourselves to move from where we are. Let’s take someone like Black Sherif that everybody is talking about, he has a label behind him, and that is why we are seeing his streams and everything like that” Shatta Wale explained.

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Moreover, Shatta Wale further noted that what Black Sherif is enjoying now is a privilege people like him never had. According to him, he and his colleagues, Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, and the like got no such labels pushing their craft. They work hard all by themselves to push their careers to where they are today.

However, the dancehall crooner sadly noted that Ghanaians do not appreciate their painstaking efforts.
“…Sarkodie does things himself. Alone. He puts his money into the craft, and people here don’t appreciate it. Stonebwoy does the same. People don’t appreciate.”

Further, he left the blame at the doorstep of industry ‘gatekeepers’ for preventing international record labels from restructuring the Ghanaian music industry. This he says is because the ‘gatekeepers’ are the beneficiaries of the loopholes in the industry.

“You know how many people have been in Ghana to tell us that they want to structure our industry for us, and the people don’t agree? Labels like Universal records. You know people are using musicians here for business. The people that don’t agree are the people who call themselves “gatekeepers” in the industry. Presenters and some people that call themselves bloggers” He added.

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