Ayisi & Lady Jay release new Banger called “CASANOVA”


Ayisi & Lady Jay release new Banger called “CASANOVA”

Two of Ghana’s best artists have come together to create a killer highlife sound. Lady Jay and Ayisi have known each other in the music world for a long time, and this song (Casanova) was recorded as a demo a few years back. It would seem as though the track was forgotten but the producer Kojosteve found a way to bring the song to back to life.

Lady Jay singing in Fante influence dialect while Ayisi’s unique tone and finesse of the two languages. Lady Jay’s Team Wahala Entertainment heard this master piece “casanova” and now it decided is time to release new music ! Thank you! The official date for the Release is today 14 October 2022.

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Lady Jay has some released great body of work with her music of these past years. Odo Nana , Odo Nana remix ft popular Artist Kwabena Kwabena, freedom , fire ,social media and her two prominent EP’s ANYWHEREYOUDEY and ANYWHERE2DEY.

Ayisi recently released a single Antiso of his new album “The Unbroken”, this is a collective of his work with different styles and arrangements of his records . With these two artists on a record there’s a guarantee this is a hit song!!

Follow Lady Jay on instagram.com/ladyjaylives and Ayisi on instagram.com/ayisimusic.

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