Kasoa man climbs high-tension pole, ends his life over Ghana’s hardship


Kasoa man climbs high-tension pole, ends his life over Ghana’s hardship.

An unidentified man has killed himself in Kasoa over hardships in Ghana.

The yet-to-be identified gentleman, who is a resident of Kasoa was caught on video climbing to the very end of a high tension pole, leading to his death.

According to some residents, the gentleman had gotten tired of the current economic hardship in the country, thereby taking his own life to end it all.

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In the video, the gentleman is seen climbing vigorously to the end of the pole, ignoring pleas from the general public who had gathered around the pole.

When he got to the end of the pole, he was electrocuted, meeting his untimely death.

Although the Police were on sight, nothing was done to save the gentleman’s life.

Watch video via the link below:


Source: ameyawdebrah.com

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