Kuami Eugene confirms leaving Lynx Entertainment ostensibly


Kuami Eugene confirms leaving Lynx Entertainment ostensibly

Over the past few weeks, there were rumors that Kuami Eugene is leaving his current record label, Lynx Entertainment. The rumor had it that he currently has issues with the label, so he wants to leave.

However, Kuami Eugene has finally confirmed he is leaving Lynx Entertainment ostensibly. In a recent post, the rockstar said it is the end of the road for him. Though he did not specify exactly what he was talking about, it was quite obvious he was referring to his journey with Lynx Entertainment.

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“This is how it ends. I played my part,” he wrote.

Moreover, in the now-deleted post, Kuami Eugene seemingly confirmed he had issues with the label. Thus, he noted that he did everything he could to stay, but the label did not do its part. This also means he did not really want to leave, but the prevailing conditions made it impossible for him to stay.

Meanwhile, Kuami Eugene has been signed to Lynx Entertainment for five years now. Signed by Richie Mensah in 2016, the highlife crooner began his music career there after MTN Hitmaker. If his exit from Lynx Entertainment becomes official, he joins the likes of likes of MzVee, DopeNation, Eazzy, Asem, and Ziggy amongst other Lynx departees.

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