Shatta Wale campaigns for Mahama “give him a second chance”


Shatta Wale campaigns for Mahama, “give him a second chance, he was helping the youth.”

As political parties gear up for Ghana’s next general elections, Shatta Wale campaigns for John Mahama. He says the former president should be given a chance at the Presidency. This he says is because he did a lot for the youth when he was president.

Shatta Wale said John Mahama was doing everything possible for the youth to survive. That is why he can vouch for him and that he needs to be given a second chance.

“You know me, Mahama is my dad so…the way Ghanaians are talking, we need to give Mahama one more chance. When Mahama was in power, he was doing everything for the youth to survive,” he stated.

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According to him, during Mahama’s tenure artists like himself, VVIP[formerly VIP], and others were getting opportunities from the Presidency. However, nothing of such sort is being done by the current government. This he believes is very detrimental to the creative arts industry.

Shatta Wale revealed, “I was getting opportunities from the Presidency, the Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah was always giving me stuff and respected me as an artist. I believe he wasn’t dealing with just me but my colleagues, including VIP and others. I don’t get that from this current government.”

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Meanwhile, when asked whether other musicians are getting the opportunities they enjoyed during Mahama’s Presidency, he said.

“I won’t say other musicians are getting because we don’t see it.”

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