Black Sherif reveals why he can’t buy cars with his money


Black Sherif reveals why he can’t buy cars with his money despite making more money now.

Black Sherif is the fastest-rising Ghanaian artist currently. He rose to fame with his first sermon and second sermon, which he subsequently remixed featuring Burna Boy. His success in the global music scene is one of a kind.

Black Sherif released his debut album, The Villain I Never and it currently peaked at number 12 on Billboard World Albums. The young boy keeps getting bigger by the day and so should his bank account.

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That is why when Kwami Sefa Kayi asked about his finances, he admitted he is currently making a lot of money. He went on to note something interesting about how he intends to spend the money.

Thus, Black Sherif said he cannot afford to waste all that money on buying big cars. Rather, he intends to invest the money into his music career for greater returns.

According to him, he cannot spend his money on buying flashy cars now because he is still growing. If he finally finds his feet or achieves his career goals, then he may think of buying such luxuries.

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