KNUST makes Post First Degree LLB 3 years at its Law School


KNUST makes Post First Degree LLB 3 years at its Law School.

Until this year, Post First Degree LLB at KNUST was 4 years. The Bachelor of Laws program has been a 4-year course since its inception in 2003. This was after KNUST established its Faculty of Law, Ghana’s second law school.

KNUST’s Post First Degree LLB was one of the approved 4-year LLB programs offered at the university. However, after nearly two decades of offering the program, the leading university has now revised the course duration.

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Thus, KNUST has now reduced the course duration of Post First Degree LLB from 4 years to 3 years. Starting from the 2023/2024 academic year, students who would be doing the course would now spend just 3 years in school.

Therefore, if you are a First Degree holder looking to offer LLB, KNUST’S Law school is now a better alternative worth considering. Admissions for 2023 would now be treated as a 3-year LLB for First Degree holders. It is still open for applications for all prospective applicants.

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