Like Avicii, Black Sherif reveals what his father told him


Like Avicii, Black Sherif reveals what his father told him.

Just like Avicii, Ghana’s young superstar, Black Sherif tells us what his father told him. There is a little difference worthy of noting though, unlike what Avicii’s father told him, Black Sherif’s dad did not say:

“…one day you’d leave this world behind, so live a life you would remember…”

Rather, Black Sherif’s father said “you are not going to be this energetic and vibrant forever. So while you still have the strength and good health, work harder, put more energy into what you are doing now.”

The Kweku The Traveler hitmaker shared what his father told him in an interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi on Peace Fm. They were discussing how he plans to enjoy the enormous wealth he has started amassing.

Delay blasts King Promise over his senseless prodigality

Nevertheless, instead of going the usual King Promise way of prodigality as most celebrities do, Black Sherif begged to differ. He said he would rather reinvest the good money he is currently making into his craft instead of spending it on an extravagant lifestyle.

The Chairman General, Kwami Sefa Kayi wondered why he did not want to follow the convention. That was when Black Sherif opened up about what his father told him. He said his father told him he is not going to be this energetic and vibrant for a lifetime.

Therefore, before he loses his youthful exuberance, he should work harder to avert any suffering as he ages. Besides, Black Sherif noted, he is just 20 years old now and a level 100 student at the University. So, a lavish lifestyle cannot be his priority right now.

Meanwhile, Avicii is a Swedish singer known for his famous song, The Nights. He committed suicide and died aged, 28. His name and song were mentioned in this story only as a point of reference, with no malice meant.

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