TikTokers arrested by Ghana Police for their viral video


TikTokers arrested by Ghana Police for their viral video in police uniform.

TikTokers, Marcus Dankwah and Pascal Nelson have been arrested by the Ghana Police Service. The former, who is the offender and the latter his accomplice are now in police custody.

The Police released an official statement about the arrest via their social media handles. According to the statement, the culprit, Marcus Dankwah was seen in a viral video with in police uniform, black attire with the police insignia. He was with Pascal Nelson in the said TikTok video.

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Moreover, the police conducted a search at the residence of the two and retrieved the police attire. Investigation are currently to establish the source of the police uniform.

Meanwhile, parts of the statement they released read:

“Preliminary investigation indicates that the said video footage, which originated from a TikTok account identified as the official page of Vzonetv and shared on various social media platforms, was taken on October 18, 2022. The investigation also revealed the suspects are social media content providers who produce videos for their online TV channel Vzonetv… As the investigation continues to establish the source of the attire and prepare the suspects to face justice, we would like to caution the public against acts that tend to injure the reputation of the Ghana Police Service.”

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