Video: Yvonne Nelson’s reaction as caller calls her Ashawo


Video: Yvonne Nelson’s reaction as caller calls her Ashawo

An unidentified caller, a man called Yvonne Nelson on phone just to call her Ashawo. Well, Ashawo is a popular word used to refer to prostitutes.

According to the actress, she received a call from an unknown number, but still, decided to pick up. However, immediately after doing so, the man on the phone started raining insults on her. He called her names, among which he kept on repeating she is an ‘Ashawo’.

According to Yvonne Nelson, she, unfortunately, started recording the call only after he was halfway through with what he called to say. Nonetheless, he was basically attacking her for speaking up against President Mahama due to the energy crisis, Dumsor. So, all she said in response was “thank you.”

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“This is an Abusive phone call I just received…unfortunately he had said so much before I started recording him, chanting about how Akuffo-addo can never be president, this is sad, to know that I speak for the Country and yet other individuals take it upon themselves to make it a political Affiliation. This is for all of US! We are the voice of the voiceless. It’s just sad we call these Guys our leaders #DumsorMustStop,” she posted.

Meanwhile, this happened in 2015 when Yvonne Nelson staged a demonstration dubbed #DumsorMustStop. She brought together her colleague celebrities and some Ghanaians to demonstrate against the then persistent energy crisis in Ghana.

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Watch the video below:

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