Esther Smith reveals how she almost died like the Ekwueme singer


Esther Smith reveals how she almost died like the Ekwueme singer, Osinachi.

Legendary Ghanaian gospel singer, Esther Smith reveals she almost died in her previous marriage. She recounts how her ex-husband, Rev. Ahenkan Bonsu constantly abused her.

That is why she had to call it quits. She knew if did not wise up and divorce him, she would end up being abused to death like the Ekwuame singer, Osinachi.

She said “My situation would have turned out just like the lady who died in Nigeria, Osinachi’s death. So I had to quit. I had to quit because God has given us brains and sense. You have to apply it.”

Moreover, Esther Smith said her son was diagnosed with a hole in heart and she had to seek help. Sad as the situation was, people still used it to peddle all sorts of falsehoods about her.

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“You know, my child I gave birth to in Dutchland, some people turned it around and said I had given my child to another man, and the person perpetrating those lies was someone close to me. The person was creating an impression,” she disclosed.

However, the worst of it all was when Esther Smith’s ex-husband decided to also peddle lies about her following their divorce. Thus, she knew nothing about all the accusations leveled against her, but she chose to keep mute.

“It is not about what people are saying or doing, but then you need to think and say, where are things headed? I think I can die. So you have to quit and if you quit, it won’t make the person happy, so they will have to frame stories to tarnish your image when you know nothing about it. Since I am not good at talking too much, I had to keep quiet. That was what happened,” she recounted.

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