King Promise chooses Nigerian fans over Ghanaian fans


King Promise chooses Nigerian fans over Ghanaian fans, they are the most patriotic.

The cliche, “Ghanaians don’t support each other” is fast becoming widespread. Members of the creative arts industry use it to describe the behavior of its constituents and the ordinary Ghanaian.

A recent case is when King Promise chose Nigerian fans over Ghanaian fans. Obviously, his reason was that the Nigerian fans are more intensive and loyal supporters. Whilst Ghanaians on the other hand, are very relaxed and calm.

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“Nigerians are the most patriotic Africans ever,” he said.

Moreover, King Promise noted that Nigerians would always choose their own over any other person no matter the realities on the ground. However, most Ghanaians rather choose to always downplay the efforts of their very own.

Meanwhile, the ‘Chop Life’ hitmaker was speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santana on UTV’s Atuu.

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