Shatta Wale should just shut up about Sarkodie’s career for failing to use Beyonce’s collaboration to grow – Arnold


Shatta Wale should just shut up about Sarkodie’s career for failing to use Beyonce’s collaboration to grow internationally – Arnold

Maybe just like Solomon’s paradox, Shatta Wale has been busy talking about Sarkodie’s music career. He said Sarkodie should be bigger than Wizkid, but Sarkodie failed to use Akon’s opportunity.

However, entertainment journalist, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo begs to differ. First, unlike what Shatta Wale said, Sarkodie’s decision not to sign onto Akon’s record label, Konvict Music, was the best. He explained this in the story below.

Sarkodie refusing to sign onto Akon’s record label is his best decision ever – Arnold

Moreover, Arnold said Shatta Wale has no moral right to be complaining about Sarkodie’s career. Shatta Wale should shut up because he has achieved nothing better than Sarkodie internationally.

Thus, Shatta Wale is nowhere close to Sarkodie’s international recognition. So, Shatta Wale cannot portray himself as though he is doing better than Sarkodie internationally.

Besides, speaking of using opportunities, Shatta Wale was not able to use his collaboration with Beyonce to grow internationally. His colleagues like Burna Boy, who was also on the Beyoncé album used the opportunity to grow bigger globally.

Thus, Burna Boy went on to win a Grammy and headline some of the biggest shows in the world, but we cannot say the same for Shatta Wale.

He said “He(Shatta Wale) cannot match Sarkodie’s international presence. It is a fact. How was he able to leverage Beyonce’s collaboration? Since 2019, the likes of Burna Boy have gone on to Grammy and play on big big stadia. Why is Wale not comparing himself with Burna Boy?”

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