I don’t regret campaigning for NPP and Nana Addo – Jeneral Ntatia


I don’t regret campaigning for NPP and Nana Addo – Jeneral Ntatia

Despite admitting he is getting some backlash for supporting NPP to win the 2020 elections, Jeneral Ntatia says he does not regret it. The said attacks, obviously due to Ghana’s excruciating hardships were expected, so they come as no surprise.

However, in spite of all the economic crisis and hardships, Jeneral Ntatia says he does not regret supporting the NPP. According to him, he supported the political party because of the their policies. That is why he does not regret supporting them.

“I don’t regret supporting the NPP, but I feel that it was something that I saw and felt was going to be good. Of course, we are not God to see what will happen. Definitely, you will support something, but you are not the one in charge of the administration,” he said.

Moreover, the comic actor said he did not take any money to campaign for NPP, unlike others who do and so cannot criticise them. He denied selling his allegiance to the NPP as many people are speculating now.

“It happens when people go for money and they are guarded so they can’t talk, but when you do it genuinely and out of your heart, then you that Chale, people will say a lot things outside that Jeneral Ntatia has taken the money and is doing okay.

But if you know in your heart that you haven’t gone for any money, you are bold in your heart to say the truth,” he noted.

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