MTN Ghana, its products and services, all you need to know

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MTN Ghana, its products, and services, all you need to know.

The brand name, MTN is an abbreviation for Mobile Telephone Network (MTN). MTN Ghana is currently Ghana’s biggest Telecommunications network. It is a subsidiary of Africa’s largest mobile network operator, MTN Group Limited, formerly known as M-Cell. MTN Group is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, headquartered in Johannesburg.

The leading operator in Ghana’s telecommunications industry provides digital data services to cellular mobile devices. Thus, it offers voice, data, SMS, and Mobile Money services, among others. Moreover, MTN is also a leader in Ghana’s FinTech industry. With the introduction of MTN’s Mobile Money (MoMo) system, it has grown to be one of Ghana’s largest money transfer services.

Thus, thanks to MTN’s massive investment in its Mobile Money infrastructure, it has grown into the most robust and easily accessible money transfer service. MTN launched MTN Mobile Money in Ghana in 2009, the first ever to introduce mobile money services in the country. Initially, for just money transfers, MTN Mobile Money has now become a payment, savings, and loan platform, a backbone of Ghana’s eCommerce industry.

History of MTN Ghana

MTN began operations in Ghana in July 2006, after MTN Group acquired Investcom, owners of Scancom PLC (GH) Ltd, the operators of areeba. After nearly a year of operations after the acquisition, MTN then rebranded areeba to MTN Ghana but maintained Scancom PLC Ghana as the registered name of the owners, MTN Group in Ghana.

MTN Ghana a Significant Market Power (SMP)

On 12th June 2020, the National Communications Authority (NCA) declared Scancom PLC (MTN Ghana) a Significant Market Power (SMP). This was after MTN amassed 57.07 % and 67.78% market share of voice and data subscribers respectively in Ghana. It also has similarly huge numbers on its Mobile Money service, according to the NCA as of 5th June 2020.

Introduction of MTN Mobile Money (MoMo)

Moreover, as the pioneer of Mobile Money service operations in Ghana, MTN has its largest market share. Thus, MTN was the first to implement the Mobile Money infrastructure on its network in Ghana, launching it in 2009.

MTN Ghana’s Initial Public Offering (IPO)

As part of NCA’s regulatory requirements, MTN sold 35% of its equity in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) starting 31st May 2018 to 31st July 2019, selling 4,637,394,533 shares of MTN Ghana. This was in order to allow MTN to introduce 4G LTE in Ghana as directed by the NCA.

Also, that was the first time Mobile Money was used as a method of payment in an IPO. Afterward, MTN developed the service on its Mobile Money platform for the trading of shares/stocks in collaboration with IC securities.

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Furthermore, MTN Ghana is now the number 1 most traded stock on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), as of October 2022. It is also the third most valuable on the GSE, with a capitalization of GHS 1,363,000. It trades under the symbol, MTNGH.


Over the years, MTN has invested massively into its Network Expansions to extend its coverage to most parts of Ghana and also improve its network quality and intensity. Further, MTN offers its customers the best variety of services at affordable rates. Also, MTN Ghana introduced the myMTN Ghana app to ease accessibility to all its services.

Corporate social responsibility

Meanwhile, as part of MTN’s corporate social responsibility, it launched the MTN Ghana Foundation in 2007. Under the auspices of this foundation, MTN undertakes various social intervention schemes, including the provision of healthcare services, healthcare infrastructure, educational infrastructure, scholarships, and livelihood empowerment programs.

Currently, MTN Ghana’s CEO is Selorm Adadevoh and its Board Chairman is Ishmael E. Yamson. The company’s address is Plot OER 5 Independence Avenue, West Ridge, Accra, where its head office is located.

MTN Ghana’s contact details

Toll-free number: 100

Phone number: +233 (0) 244400000



MTN Ghana data bundles

The internet data bundles offered by MTN are varied; it includes general data bundles and specialized ones. Variety is the spice of life and MTN presents its customers with just that with its wide variety of data bundles.

The MTN Ghana data bundles include:

MTN’s Data Bundle Portal packages

MTN’s Data Bundle Portal packages include the General MTN data bundle, Midnight Bundles, Kokrokoo Bundle, Social Media Bundles, Video Bundles, IDD Bundles, and Combo Bundle. This MTN Bundle portal has a special feature called Flexi Bundles, which allows customers to buy data bundles of any amount they want between GHC 0.03 – 399. It also allows you to buy the data bundles of others.

MTN Pulse bundles

The MTN Pulse bundles package allows customers to MTN Mashup bundles consisting of internet data and minutes for calls. MTN Pulse also allows customers to convert their mashup call minutes to data bundles and the ability to buy the MTN Mashup bundles for others.

Moreover, MTN Pulse Loyalty is a special reward scheme for the patrons of the package. It rewards customers with amazing discounts at various outlets. As part of the MTN Pulse Loyalty rewards, customers enjoy the following:

50% discount on movie tickets at any SilverBird Cinema every Monday

A Great discount on meals from Potbelly Shack from Monday to Thursday

5% discount every Friday on meals at KFC on every Friday

MTN Zone Bundles

The favorite of many people among the MTN data bundles is the MTN Zone bundle. More like a heavy-duty data bundle for those who use a lot of internet data daily. It offers customers the highest amount of internet data bundles at very low prices. Thus, with as low as various amounts between GHS 2.09 and GHS 5.99 MTN gives data bundles from 1GB to 5GB.

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Moreover, another special thing about the MTN Zone bundle is that the rates keep changing throughout the day based on the time intervals. So, customers get to buy the same data bundle at lower prices during certain times of the day. However, no matter how the prices change, it never exceeds the GHS 5.99 threshold for 5GB.

MTN Ghana data bundle code

The internet data bundle codes of MTN are as follows:

MTN’s Data Bundle Portal – *138#

MTN Pulse bundles – *567#

MTN Zone bundle – *135#

MTN Ghana codes and shortcodes

In Ghana, MTN’s network codes are 024, 054, 055, 059, 025-6, 025-7, 059-7, 059-8, and 059-9. These are the MTN codes that precede any 10-digit MTN number in the country.

Nonetheless, the telecommunications giant has numerous shortcodes for accessing the various services on its network. The shortcodes are many, they can sometimes be very confusing or you may forget some of them. However, in case you do, here is a list of those MTN shortcodes.

Checking account balance – *124#

MTN Offers – *550#

MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) – *170#

MoMO wallet interest – *595#

Report MoMo fraud – 1515

Generate Token for MoMo – *511#

MTN aYo insurance – *296#

Recharge Airtime – 134PIN#

Recharge for someone – 144Number of person*PIN#

MTN Information Portal – *156#

Borrow airtime – *506#

M2U/Transfer airtime – *198#

MTN Jara – *5055#

MTN’s Data Bundle Portal – *138#

MTN Pulse bundles – *567#

MTN Zone bundle – *135#

Check registration status – *400#

Nonetheless, MTN Ghana Sim registration online is now available following the directive by the government that all Sims must be registered with only the Ghana card. To register your MTN sim online, visit the MTN Ghana SIM Registration Portal via

Meanwhile, MTN Ghana esim card service is currently under consideration by the Ghanaian telecommunications market leader. So soon, MTN users would be able to use eSim cards.

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