Vodafone Ghana awards customers in Vodafone Care Month


Vodafone Ghana awards customers in Vodafone Care Month as they celebrate service.

Vodafone Ghana kickstarted its Care Month in October. That was this year’s edition of the telecommunication network’s annual celebration of its customers.

Vodafone Ghana’s Care Month is a month in which Vodafone appreciates its customers for their loyalty. It is also used to appreciate their immense contribution to the Vodafone Ghana brand and to tell them Vodafone is nothing without them.

The theme for the 2022 Vodafone Care Month is Celebrate Service; It’s all about service, It’s all about you.

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Moreover, Vodafone Care Month is all about the customers, so throughout October, they were celebrated. Vodafone awarded its customers amazing airtime packages in daily trivia on its social media platforms.

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