Shatta Wale digs Fennec Okyere’s grave to accuse Bulldog of his murder


Shatta Wale digs Fennec Okyere’s grave to accuse Bulldog of his murder.

Shatta Wale and Bulldog’s feud is getting more and more intense by the minute. Well, I may also say their good-old trick of using attention-seeking controversies to promote their music is on course. Shatta Wale has been struggling to release one album for years now, you know.

However, their recent clout chase has taken a criminal turn. If you know the genesis of the two, you would say this was very much expected. Shatta Wale accused Bulldog of Fennec Okyere’s murder.

According to Shatta Wale, Bulldog knows what happened to Fennec Okyere. This, he says is because Bulldog has a hand in Fennec Okyere’s murder, he masterminded it. Shatta Wale then threatened to go to the police to testify against Bulldog. Thus, he would provide all the information needed, all the missing pieces to finally solve the puzzling murder case.

“Bull Dog since u r bringing out secrets. You will tell Ghanaians What happen to Fenicks Murder !! And I am not joking about this time !! I am ready to tell the court about what you told me about you and your men and how planned that foolish act get ready. This Akuffo addo won’t give you a murder chance to be on our streets !!! Watch how this ends !!! You can’t fight time,” he posted on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Kwaw Kese’s late manager, Fennec Okyere was murdered in 2014 at his Manet Gardens residence. Unknown assailants broke into his house and executed him on Thursday, 13th March 2014.

Subsequently, Bulldog was arrested as the prime suspect but was later acquitted and discharged in 2018. Till date, the murderers are still yet to be found, which is why these latest developments are ‘grave digging’.

Thus, Shatta Wale’s latest confessions implicate him and Bulldog, it makes them accomplices in the crime.

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