Black Sherif’s reaction to his alleged sex tape leak


Black Sherif’s reaction to his alleged sex tape leak.

Yesterday, social media went buzzing due to Black Sherif’s sex tape leak(alleged). Though the said video went viral, many fans kept doubting whether it was really him.

With the heated argument of whether it’s him or not ongoing on social media, Black Sherif failed to comment on it. Many of these people wished at least, he released a disclaimer to debunk his purported sex tape.

VIDEO: Black Sherif’s sêx tape léaks

However, today, Black Sherif has reacted to the sex tape ostensibly. In what seemed like his first reaction to the tape, he posted a dimmed picture of himself with bright sunlight behind him.

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With no caption, he left the tweet open for various artistic interpretations. Seeing the post, the first interpretation that came to mind was a positive one. We thought the picture depicts:

“I’m being painted black, but I’ve got a great light behind me, so I worry not.”

Check out the tweet below and let us know what you make of it.

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