Ghana Police beat Funny Face up for his depression


Ghana Police beat Funny Face up for his depression, he recounts.

Popular Ghanaian actor and comedian, Funny Face recounts how the Ghana Police beat him up due to his depression. He revealed the police gave him a beating of his life when he was battling with depression.

According to him, the Ghana Police beat the depression out of him. Literally, they beat the hell out of him as you may want to put it. Thus, in the depressive episode in which he fired a gunshot, the police beat him up. The beatings made his depression vanish, he jokingly added.
“Ghana Police! They are the best when it comes to beating depression out of you,” he disclosed.

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Moreover, that was why he renamed the IGP Dampare, “If you are mad, it would vanish,” he said in Twi.

Meanwhile, that incident was what landed him in police custody and later in the psychiatric hospital. Funny Face made these statements in a yet-to-be aired interview on the KSM Show with Kwaku Sintim-Misa(KSM).

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