Investigative journalist reveals how Chioma aborted 3 pregnancies


Investigative journalist reveals how Chioma aborted 3 pregnancies.

Nigerian international investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo reveals Chioma aborted 3 pregnancies. She aborted those pregnancies before giving birth to Davido’s son, Ifeanyi.

According to Kemi, Chioma aborted the pregnancies because the babies were girls. So since she wanted a boy for Davido, she kept aborting the females. This was also because she needed a boy who could inherit Davido’s wealth.

Moreover, as proof of what she was saying, Kemi noted that she was the first to announce Chioma’s pregnancy and the baby’s gender. This was because her investigations showed Chioma was carrying a pregnancy. This was later confirmed to be true. She also knew it was a baby boy because Chioma would have aborted the pregnancy if it was not a boy.

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However, unfortunately, it did not go as planned, as Chioma’s hard-earned son for Davido is dead now. She went on to disclose Davido also abandoned his baby-mamas and in some cases, denied the children.

Meanwhile, the investigative journalist narrated her findings in a recent video on social media. You can watch the video full of shocking revelations below:

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