Kofi Kinaata reveals how he can solve Ghana’s economic crisis


Kofi Kinaata reveals how he can solve Ghana’s economic crisis.

Earlier today, award-winning songwriter and singer, Kofi Kinaata wanted to know what his fans wanted from him now. He asked about the kind of music they want to hear from him during these hard times.

Thus, Kofi Kinaata wanted fans to choose between a dance tune or that of deep thought. He noted he does not know which one best fits the situation we are currently facing.

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However, a fan instead choosing between the two wanted to know whether he had a song that could change Ghana’s economy for the better. Funny as it sounds, he answered.

The ‘Things Fall Apart’ hitmaker said yes, but unless he featured Jesus Christ. Thus, the only way his song can solve Ghana’s economic crisis is if he gets to gets to feature Jesus on it.

“Bro. That one de3 unless I feature Jesus.🤣,” he answered jokingly.

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