Davido’s dead son’s autopsy confirms speculations


Davido’s dead son’s autopsy confirms speculations.

The news of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi’s death moved many to tears. Fans and celebrities have been pouring out their heartfelt condolences to Davido and Chioma’s families.

Initial reports of the boy’s demise indicated he drowned to death in his father’s Banana Island house. Further reports indicated several of Davido’s home staff including Ifeanyi’s nanny were picked up by the police for investigations pending an autopsy.

Nonetheless, the final autopsy confirmed Davido’s son died by drowning. The autopsy by the Lagos Police Command reveals the initial speculations were true.

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Lagos State Police Command spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin disclosed details of the autopsy result to PREMIUM TIMES.

“The autopsy was concluded yesterday; it determined that the cause of death of the late Ifeanyi Adeleke was drowning. Presently investigation into the events that led to his drawing is still ongoing,” he said.

Moreover, he noted the autopsy was mainly to set the path straight for further investigations. Thus, they are now digging into the issue to ascertain what led to the Ifeanyi’s drowning.

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