Shatta Wale vanishes from Hogbetsotso Festival concert, fails to perform


Shatta Wale vanishes from Hogbetsotso Festival concert, fails to perform.

Ghanaian dancehall giant, Shatta Wale was billed to perform at the Hogbetsotso Festival concert, Hogbe Beach Rave. He was in the Volta Region for the concert but disappeared afterward leading to his failure to perform at the show.

In an apology statement released by the organizers, Onua Group and Ebony Condoms explained what happened with happened Shatta Wale. According to them, Shatta Wale showed up at the concert venue but disappeared afterward. As they agreed, he came in cars rented by the organizers, but could not be found after his arrival.

Moreover, as the crowd waited, the organizers looked for Shatta Wale, but all to no avail. He is yet to be reached to answer for his sudden disappearance from the concert venue.

Their statement read:

“It is in view of this that we wish to apologise to the audience and customers who travelled from far and near to see him perform at Eli Beach and to the millions who stayed up late to watch him on Onua TV.

Onua brands, Ebony Condoms and all other brands and sponsors associated with the Onua Hogbetsotso Beach Rave wish to thank all the other artistes who honoured their obligations to show up and perform.

The brands connected with the Beach Rave will find ways to compensate the patrons who showed up at the event.”

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale was the headline performer of the Hogbe Beach Rave, a Hogbetsotso Festival concert. Following which’s contractual agreement he showed up on Onua Maakye with Captain Smart on Onua TV, only to fail to perform on the day.

Onua Hogbe Beach Rave was slated for last night, November 5, 2022, at the Eli Beach Resort in Tegbi.

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