Prices of Bible increase in Ghana, the Bible Society of Ghana announces price increment


Prices of Bible increase in Ghana, the Bible Society of Ghana announces price increment.

The Bible Society of Ghana officially announces a Bible price increase in Ghana. The religious organization set up to ensure the availability, affordability, and use of the Holy Bible declares price increments in Ghana.

The management of the organization noted the high cost of clearing from the ports and high inflation in Ghana as the reason for the price increment. The cost of procuring the Bibles skyrocketed due to the high rate of depreciation of the Ghana cedi.

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This, coupled with high-cost fuel prices and other pertinent commodities it utilizes are the underlying causes of the regrettable price increase. It is regrettable because they are committed to making Bibles affordable in Ghana. However, the current economic conditions make it extremely difficult.

Moreover, due to the recent price increase, customers would see a slight upward adjustment in the price of Bibles. The price increase takes effect from 10th November 2022 and they plead your indulgence.

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Meanwhile, the Bible Society of Ghana’s mission is also to provide Ghanaians with Bibles in their local languages. Thus aside from making them affordable and widely used in Ghana.

See the Bible price increase announcement below:

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