Shatta Wale heavily descends on Michy, calls her a traitor


Shatta Wale heavily descends on Michy, calls her a traitor.

Recently, you would recall Shatta Wale’s ex-girlfriend, Michy appealed for prayers for him. She said Shatta Wale needs prayers because the path he currently treading looks dangerous. This was regarding his ongoing feud with Bulldog, his former manager.

Therefore, she pleaded Ghanaians should help him with powerful prayers. Besides, she is concerned because he is her son, Majesty’s father, and his well-being matters to them.

“I would plead with Ghanaians, to support the father of my child, Shatta Wale with powerful prayers. I just pray that the revelations coming in won’t bring him further problems because once he is down, it will affect me and our son. So please pray,” she said on Movement TV.

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However, Shatta Wale’s reaction to Michy’s appeal for prayers shows he is not taking it lightly. The said gesture by his baby mama does not sit well with him.

He questioned whether her appeal for prayers for him made any sense at all. Thus since she is not on good talking terms with him.

Moreover, Shatta Wale said Michy is being used against him, calling her a traitor. He noted he is unperturbed even though he knows many would fall for her little act.

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Further, he said as it happened to Kanye West, they should keep on peddling that he needs help. He is also a billionaire, he lightly added.

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