Nana Addo’s hometown sinks in galamsey, spiking social vices


Nana Addo’s hometown sinks in galamsey, spiking social vices.

The president of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s hometown, Kyebi sinks in galamsey. The town which is the capital of the East Akim Municipal District in the Eastern Region is currently at the mercy of the menace.

Illegal mining, popularly known as galamsey is a serious menace in Ghana. The government and civil society organizations have waged a fight against it over the years. However, the fight has always been crippled by political influences amongst other factors.

To support the fight, President Akufo-Addo pledged to put his Presidency on the line to aggressively aid it. Nonetheless, his supposed efforts seem fruitless as even members of his party keep destroying lands with galamsey.

Moreover, multiple reports indicate the political will needed to make the fight successful is lacking. Nana Addo’s bold pledge against galamsey was one of those rhetorics that also lacked this political will. Thus considering his inactions and absolute failure to curb the galamsey menace.

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Therefore it is not so surprising that Nana Addo‘s hometown is currently nearly submerged in galamsey. It is just another piece of evidence to prove his fight against galamsey is nothing more than a sham.

Godwin Asediba’s latest documentary, The Golden Enemy on The Assignment on TV3 brought to bear the woes caused by the menace in Kyebi. It showed how galamsey activities have destroyed their vast arable lands and water bodies.

Further, the alarming rates of truancy at schools, school dropouts, teenage pregnancies, and illegal abortions most of which lead to death. The report revealed most teenagers in the communities risk their lives engaging in galamsey activities. The ripple effect of which is causing the spike in social vices aforementioned.

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Meanwhile, the communities now lack clean water as their water body, Birim River has been highly polluted due to galamsey activities. These and more are the challenges currently engulfing the mining communities of Kyebi-Apapam and Kyebi Afiesa.

The town in question happens to be the incumbent president’s hometown. Would he do anything to avert the current awful situation?

Watch the documentary via the link below:

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