Hajia4Reall arrested in UK after allegedly being Wanted in USA for fraud


Hajia4Reall arrested in UK after allegedly being Wanted in USA for fraud.

Ghanaian socialite cum musician, Hajia4Reall was arrested in the United Kingdom after being declared wanted in the USA allegedly. According to the reports, her arrest was jointly undertaken with the collaboration of UK and USA security agencies.

The arrest which took place earlier today was following an 8 million dollar theft in the USA. The said theft took place when she was there, before later eloping to the UK.

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Though the report is yet to be confirmed, Deep Throat Source (DTS) entertainment journalist, Olele Salvador confirms the report stating Hajia4Reall was on USA’s red list.

Meanwhile, further investigations reveal the UK police apprehended her for questioning regarding the theft. Reports relating to her possible release, trial, or imprisonment are yet to be obtained from sources.

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