How the UK security arrested Hajia4Reall, Kwesi Ernest drops details


How the UK security arrested Hajia4Reall, Kwesi Ernest drops details.

Probably the most topical issue on social media now, details of Hajia4Reall’s arrest drops. The arrest reportedly took place earlier yesterday in the UK where has been lately.

According to the reports, Hajia4Reall was arrested over an $8 million fraud in the USA. She was nabbed in the UK thanks to a joint operation between USA and UK. The details of the arrest were not available until now and many were still in doubt about it.

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However, artiste manager, Kwesi Ernest has now disclosed details of how Hajia4Reall was arrested in the UK. He confirmed the arrest, stating he even knows how it took place.

According to him, Hajia4Reall was arrested at the UK airport when she was returning to Ghana. She was onboard a British Airways flight ready to come back to Ghana on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

“I can confirm that she was picked up just when she was about to set off on her flight back to Ghana but we don’t have any information on her charges and where she is at the moment,” he revealed.

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Meanwhile, he was speaking on Peace FM’s entertainment review show on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

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