Abeiku Santana supports gays and lesbians, declares support for LGBTQI+ advocacy


Abeiku Santana supports gays and lesbians, declares support for LGBTQI+ advocacy.

Top celebrated Ghanaian media personality and Tourism ambassador, Abeiku Santana supports LGBTQI+ advocacy. He declared his support for the advocacy for the rights of the LGBTQI+ community in Ghana.

According to Abeiku Santana, he is now a supporter of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) sexual orientation rights. He made the declaration on live television whiles hosting United Showbiz on UTV on 12th November, 2022.

He and the show’s panel were discussing Elorm Ababio better known as Ama Governor, who was denied a call to the Bar due to her sexual orientation. The Ghana Legal Council(GLC) suspended her call to the Ghana Bar claiming she lacked good behavior

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“LGBTQ+ whatever. have studied law and intend to challenge the law, so will use myself as an example: I am a subscriber to the opinions that support the choice of people’s sexuality. I am a subscriber to it,” he declared.

Moreover, Abeiku Santana said there is no legal basis upon which Ama Governor was suspended from being called to the Bar. Besides, she did not breach any law to warrant anything as such.

“Which part of the law was breached and thus warranted the petitioner to initiate a formal request at the Ghana Legal Council calling for the suspension of Ama Governor from being called to the Bar?” he questioned.

Meanwhile, Ama Governor’s ordeal began after the Ghana Legal Council was petitioned to withdraw plans to call her to the Bar. The petition cited she fails to possess the moral behavior needed to practice law in Ghana.

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However, many of the view that Ama Governor was barred from being called to the Bar due to her sexual orientation. She publicly declared she was bisexual and she supports the LGBTQI+ community. There is currently a 3-member Committee instituted to look into her case.

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