Hajia4Reall did the fraud mistakingly, forgive her – Shatta Wale begs


Hajia4Reall did the fraud mistakingly, forgive her – Shatta Wale begs

Controversial Ghanaian dancehall singer, Shatta Wale reveals Hajia4Reall did the fraud by mistake. He says the $8 million fraud for which she was reportedly arrested in the UK was just a mistake.

Thus, Shatta Wale admitted Hajia4Reall did the fraud, which is wrong, but it was just a mistake she made. Therefore, just as God forgives us for our mistakes(sins), she should be forgiven too.

How the UK security arrested Hajia4Reall, Kwesi Ernest drops details

Moreover, he noted though many are currently calling her names, he is not ashamed of her. He is not shy to still call her his mom just as he has always been doing.

Further, Shatta Wale assured Hajia4Reall God would see her through. She is God’s child, so she should remain calm and smile because this would soon be over. Finally, he assured her of his prayers.

Check out Shatta Wale’s post below:

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