If God is gay, who am I to judge you – Eno Barony Ft. Dee Wills


If God is gay, who am I to judge you – Eno Barony Ft. Dee Wills

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian Best Female Rapper, Eno Barony features Duncan Williams’s son, Dee Wills on ‘Don’t Judge Me’. The son of the renowned pastor debuts on the rapper’s latest single.

The song dubbed ‘Don’t Judge Me’ talks about God and the ills of religion, society, Christians, and Christianity. It touched on Christians’ continuous judgemental attitude towards people like them. Thus, they always get chastised by Christians even though they are also doing the will of God.

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Moreover, the VGMA Rapper of the Year winner made quite an interesting statement in the song. She spoke about all the things she thought about God, including whether God is gay or straight.

Eno Barony said she thinks God is straight, however, she won’t judge anyone who thinks God is gay. Thus, she wanted to put across that nobody has the right to judge anyone. God is the ultimate judge, the only true judge not any human.

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Meanwhile, Eno Barony featuring Dee Wills – Don’t Judge Me is out now on all digital streaming platforms. The song was released together with its music video.

Watch the video below:

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